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What is Inland Transit Number in Shipping (IT#)

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What is Inland Transit Number in Shipping (IT#)

Updated Post:

An inland transit number (IT#) is a number issued by the shipping carrier that can uniquely identify each shipment and help track the movement of goods from one location to another within the U.S., often used for logistics, transportation, and customs purposes.


Original Post:

The IT# is a number issued by U.S. Customs to track any product that needs to be shipped inland. For example, if the final destination of your cargo is St. Louis, MO, your shipment will most likely to arrive at Los Angeles port and transported by train to St. Louis, MO. For this “inland” transit, Customs assigns an IT# so they can track for shipment arrival as well as shipment release once the Customs entry is filed.

However, you DO NOT need an IT# if you file the Customs entry at the port of discharge, in this case, Los Angeles. Once you’re shipment is cleared through Customs, they will not issue an IT# because the shipment has been cleared already and the assigned IT# will be cancelled. If you’re not sure whether your shipment has an IT# or not, contact your freight forwarder and they’ll be able to tell you more.


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