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First Steps:

If you’re planning to ship less than 100 LBS, you should consider shipping your items through regular courier such as, United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEx, UPS or DHL (for International only). It should be cheaper that way.

Few things you should consider before importing.

  1. Special permits & licenses may be needed to import: Food Products, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Liquors, Cigars and Brand Name goods. It is ALWAYS illegal to import contraband products.

  2. Always do your homework and some research on the products you’re planning to import. Checking quota and restrictions are important.

  3. Be aware of Duty Fees aka Taxes. Yes, like everything else in the U.S., you must pay taxes on your imported goods. Watch out for antidumping duties on certain products.

  4. Be prepared with possible delays. Regardless of how well you plan ahead, delays can still happen for unexpected reasons.

  5. Check out our Links page for resources related to trade (government and non-government)

  6. Feel free to contact us for any questions!

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