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New to import?
Let us guide you step-by-step!

We specialize in helping new importers launch their ventures smoothly, guiding them through proper import procedures into the U.S. Additionally, we specialize in Vehicle Import, FDA, USDA related products catering to both B2B and B2C importers.


Rubber stamping that says Cleared Customs

Customs Clearance

Experience the seamless efficiency of our clearance service as we expertly transmit your shipment information through our cutting-edge ABI system, ensuring a swift and secure customs clearance process. We thrive in conducting meticulous regulation checks, ensuring precise duty, tariff, and fee calculations, and responding swiftly to address any documentation hurdles that may arise. 

US Customs and Border Protection form to fill out

Duty Classification

Let us be your trusted partner in accurately classifying your goods. If you're an importer facing uncertainty regarding duty rates or regulations for your products, we are here to provide expert assistance. We'll gather all the necessary details about your products and ensure their precise classification within the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, providing the correct code and rates.

image of vehicles

Vehicle Import

Importing a vehicle can indeed be a daunting and intricate process, requiring strict adherence to guidelines established by various agencies such as CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and DOT (Department of Transportation). We understand the complexities involved and are here to provide guidance, and to help with the customs clearance of your vehicle.



Who We Are

Founded in 2012, ImportNewbies was established to be the go-to resource for first-time importers seeking up-to-date, accurate industry information to navigate the process of importing into the U.S. We provide useful information on the basics of import and cover topics such as customs procedures, documentation, tariff classifications, and other general information on importing. 

We take pride in the wealth of content we've developed over the years. Our dedication to providing comprehensive information has helped countless first-time importers navigate the complexities of the importing process with confidence. In addition to our extensive resources, we're thrilled to offer full-service support through our established national customs brokerage, Elleo Global, Inc.


This means that new importers can rely on us not only for knowledge but also for hands-on assistance, ensuring a smooth and successful importing experience from start to finish.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help!

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