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What is Customs Tailgate Exam Hold

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Updated post:

Learn about the customs tailgate exam hold.

The exam typically takes place at the Port of Entry and is usually conducted either within the port or at an examination facility nearby. Typically, the container is backed up into a dock, where Customs Officers inspect it by opening the container and examining the shipment without physically handling the cargo. Tools such as mirrors, X-ray scanners, or sniffer dogs may be used for this examination.

If it is deemed that further examination is necessary, officers will then place the shipment on an Intensive hold for a more detailed examination.

The examination schedule varies from port to port and from facility to facility.

Keep in contact with your forwarder, agent, or customs brokerage for updates on the status.

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Original Post:

The exam happens at the Port of Entry and it is usually done within the port. The container is usually backed up into a dock where Customs opens the container and inspects without touching the cargo. If there are any further suspicions, Customs will upgrade the hold to an Intensive hold for further detailed examination.

For this type of exam, the cargo should be untouched.

Depending on the port’s availability and schedule, this type of exam can happen within 1-3 days after container is discharged from the vessel.

Stay in touch with your Forwarder, Agent or Customs Brokerage for status.


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