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How much can I fit into an ocean container?

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Ever wonder how much stuff you can fit into an ocean container? The specs in this page should help you with that!

Note: Container sizes varies per Steamship Line, for specific Carrier container information please check directly with the Carrier.

20ft Standard: Length: 19’4″ (5.900m) Width: 7’8″ (2.3500m) Height: 7’10” (2.393M) Capacity: 33.2 CBM (1,172 Cft) Max Weight: 47,900 LBS (21,770KGS)

40ft Standard: Length: 39’5″ (12.036m) Width: 7’8″ (2.3500m) Height: 7’10” (2.393M) Capacity: 67.7 CBM (2,390 Cft) Max Weight: 59,040 LBS (26,780KGS)

Open Top 20′ Length: 19’4″ (5.894m) Width: 7’7″ (2.311m) Height: 7’8″ (2.354M) Capacity: 32.23 CBM (1,136 Cft) Max Weight: 47,620 LBS (21,600KGS)

Open Top 40′ Length: 39’5″ (12.028m) Width: 7’8″ (2.350m) Height: 7’8″ (2.345M) Capacity: 66.5 CBM (2,350 Cft) Max Weight: 58,710 LBS (26,630KGS)


Disclaimer: Please note that all information provided in this post is for reference purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. It is recommended that you consult with a qualified professional for specific inquiries or concerns. This website is not comprehensive and does not encompass all the necessary aspects of import procedures. 

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